Dark Souls 2


Editor's Grade: 88

Steam: Very Positive

Metacritic: 87


Pfft - as if the first dark soul wasn't dark enough!! This one was memorable for me, more-so than the third and sometimes even the first mainly because of the sheer number of times I had started over. The PVP scene was still live and hot when I still played this (the "Remastered" release - yikes) so I had an itch. That being said, as far as I remember, I don't. Lava bridge for the PVP area? I guess this is where they really hammered down a lot of the concepts from the first game, but other than a change of scenery don't expect a departure from the usual brutal roll-timing RPG gameplay that is the Dark Souls franchise. Welcome to Drangleic, punk. p.s. Here: You're welcome.

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